“A house where a woman is unsafe is not home”. 



So another year is about to end. But there is one question troubling me everyday.  
NEW YEAR –  A new chapter, a new beginning, a new verse or “JUST THE OLD DAMN STORY”. Story with the same plot. Kinda boring but have to ACT. 

Anyways, Happy New Year Bloggers. Have a great year ahead everyone. 

They’re speaking through silence. Are you listening? 

Those smiles can be questionable,

Those faces can be miserable.

Those hearts might be crying inside,

Those minds can be searching for the places to hide.  

Are these lines justifying anyone near you? Yes? Then my friend, the person is so “Depressed“. 

The state of mind where people give up on thinking capabilities, abandoned himself/herself and lastly, get swingy moods. That’s what we called “Depression”.

“Yeah, this one is for it”.

Do you know all the people in the whole damn world? Obviously No.

Do you really know the people ‘you know’? Agh! A big No. 

I’m not talking about person’s particular interests. Here, I’m talking about their minds, their thoughts, their willingness to get over things & the most essential thing is their Silence. 

They are speaking through silence. Are you listening? 

I’m sure, you don’t know what they are thinking about. It doesn’t matter, whether you know them or not. I mean you’re not in their heads. How you suppose to? But, why?Why you don’t know? They must have given you some hints that how miserable they are, like how much “those” things troubling their minds & butchering their souls, like their world is crumbling, like how much they need your help. But you’re so much into their fake smiles & cool gestures. If you could read their minds, you’d be in tears. 

Aren’t their eyes telling you something? Aren’t their silences bothering you? Have you ever asked them about their lives? Have you ever told them no matter what happens, you’re with them. No, because you’ve always been spoofed up by their sober acts. Sometimes, when you see something ‘usual’ that might not be ‘as usual’. 

They need a break. A break from loneliness, from darkness & from pain in them. This is it. You have to do something for them because they need your help. They want to owe you. 

Like this, you can find out that your closed ones or your loved ones are depressed. 

“How to get to know that the person is depressed?” 

1. He/she might have lost their interests in the things which earlier they find it pleasurable. 

2. Sleep will suffer.

3. Will try to avoid interaction with people. 

4. Anger and irritability. 

5. Loss of confidence. 

6. Negativity. 

7. Eating issues: either eat so much or too little. 

8. Lastly, the most dangerous one, suicidal thoughts.

Did you know that every year, over 121 million people worldwide are facing “Depression”. What could be the reason for it? I think, reason can be anyone or anything like love, relationships, failures, studies, physical appearance, heartbreaks, family issues or whatsoever.

Y’know sources have said that, US is the most depressed country because people over there are so much into there work and have no time for their families, friends or not even for themselves. But here I’m not talking about US or India or any other country. I’m talking about Depression which itself a big tensed country, situated not in maps or in atlas but in minds of more than 121 million depressed people. Sadly, children are also part of it and surprisingly, we didn’t know about this fact. 

But now, tick-tock, its time. Start paying attention towards your loved ones. They might not tell you what makes them unease. But you have to keep asking them again and again and again until they burst out in tears and tell you what’s so wrong with them. They are your people. Try to know them beyond your limits. Explore them. After all, they matter. 

“What you can do when you find out that the person is in depression?”

1. First of all, ask them what makes them so depressed? When it started? Why it is bothering them so much?

3. Make them feel free & comfortable with oneself.

4. Do outings/hangouts with them very often. So that, they can get over it. 

5. Do things which make them happy. 

6. Help them in finding the solutions of their problems. 

7. Make them to take proper sleep & diets. 

8. Consult the doctor if the situation is worse.

Depression is like a war. Either you win or you win. No, I didn’t mistype . There is no way to lose. Losing shouldn’t be an option because you have to be like you used to be. 

“And then we lived happily ever after”, this should be the perfect ending of every depressed person’s story. 

Lastly, yes we’ve heard what they were saying through their silence. 

Those smiles have been answered,

Those faces have been contended.

Those hearts are now living in the brightlight,

And those minds are cherishing their perfect delight. 

What if I could talk? 

Hey human,

Thank you for adopting me. I never thought that I have ever got the house like this. Your House’s as big as your heart. You gave me clothes, food and especially your time and your love. You have comforted me whenever I’m scared. When I’m in pain, you’re even more because you love me like your own kid. When you come back from your work, I’m the happiest one. 

I know, sometimes my friends and I have put you in so many troubles. We’re sorry for that. Well, there are so many things that I would be sorry about.

For all the nights, I wake you up because I couldn’t sleep. For farting on your face when I have upset stomach. For disturbing you while you were doing your work, as you know I’m attention seeker. For tearing your favorite dress when I was angry because you left me home all alone. 

But I love you. You’re a perfect human for me. I’m having a wonderful time with you. I know you have so many people in your life but for me there is only you. You’re my family. You have so many things to think about but I’m always thinking about you only. I can’t see you crying. That’s why I always listen to you when you’re overwhelmed. Even though I want to tell you that things will be fine soon. But can’t. I can’t tell you how much you mean to me.

But you know time is falling so fast. I’m getting older. Would you still love me if I’ll stop entertaining you? Would you still hangout with me when I’m old? Would you still be as good and caring as now? 

I know you would. Because you’re a good human and you told me that you will always love me. 


When I see humans other than you, my faith in humanity is getting scattered. Why they torture us? Why they treat us like a shit? Are we that annoying? Don’t we have any rights to live? When human got hit by the car, lot of people gathered to help him. But if one of us got hit by the car, no one comes up to help us. Why? Our lives have no value? We are waste? On your festive season, when you burn crackers. Trust me, we get so scared. Some of us get deaf, sometimes. When you shave us for your own fun, we got sick after that because we don’t have clothes like you. When you cut our tail to see that it’s painful or not, honestly that hurts the most. How do you feel when someone ruthlessly cuts your hand ? We feel exactly the same when you do that. If you can’t make it easy then don’t make it rough. 

We are also living beings. We also need oxygen to live and food to survive. It doesn’t matter where we live, in home or streets. 

Please, don’t treat us that bad. Don’t make it tough for us to live. 

Because you’re good human. I know.” 
                          – Your loyal four legged friend. 

Have you ever wondered about these beautiful four legged creatures, the dogs. What if, they could talk? 

There are lot of things, they might want to say. 

Some they have said in this sweet letter, some are untold and some they want you to understand by your own. We’re humans. We can talk. We can say, when we’re in trouble. When something hurts, we can get treated. But, what about them? They cannot speak when they are in pain. They can’t tell you that how much you hurt them. That how much we scared them. 

Crime against dogs statistics are raising every year. Stray dog? Even the home dogs are not safe. Don’t be so awful with them. Make an effort and tell them that they are not wasted. That they can live too.

Do the best you can. Trust me on this, dogs are the beautiful gift. Only they can love us unconditionally. 
Dogs speak too, but to those who listen. 

Why I cannot cry? 

“I don’t cry. I’m not suppose to do. Why? 

Because I’m a man and men don’t cry. But the question is why men cannot cry? 

If I cry, people might think that I’m so sensitive and I can’t even handle to be a man. Ideal men don’t do such things, as per our society’s perspective. 

But what about me? 

Before being a boy or a man , I’m a human being. I have heart. And fortunately, God puts some feelings in it. Just like any of other, it hurts when anything goes wrong. But I have no rights to show that how much depressed I am. My feelings always been untold. Why? 

Just stop forcing me to believe that I’m strong because in your dictionary, definition of being strong is ‘don’t let your tears fall by because it will make you weak’ . But I’m getting weaker day by day, because I’m holding onto it. 

I’m a son, brother, husband, father and above all I’m a human being, which have feelings. And I won’t let my self to be Abandoned. I will cry. I will cry as hell, so that you can see the pain in me. So, don’t judge me because I’m crying that doesn’t mean that I’m weak. Though I’m strong enough to deal any situation. 


This is the story of frustration to defeat. A man who cries. We all have heart, when something goes wrong we all feel dishearten. 

Then why our society is questioning over ‘men crying’. If women cry on something, we feel sorry. But on the same side, if men cry, then we started judging them. Why? 

The message through this is “Ask what happened if you see someone’s crying. It doesn’t matter either it is man or a woman”.

If someone’s hurt, he/she will Melt Down. Help them. Ask them.