Why I cannot cry? 

“I don’t cry. I’m not suppose to do. Why? 

Because I’m a man and men don’t cry. But the question is why men cannot cry? 

If I cry, people might think that I’m so sensitive and I can’t even handle to be a man. Ideal men don’t do such things, as per our society’s perspective. 

But what about me? 

Before being a boy or a man , I’m a human being. I have heart. And fortunately, God puts some feelings in it. Just like any of other, it hurts when anything goes wrong. But I have no rights to show that how much depressed I am. My feelings always been untold. Why? 

Just stop forcing me to believe that I’m strong because in your dictionary, definition of being strong is ‘don’t let your tears fall by because it will make you weak’ . But I’m getting weaker day by day, because I’m holding onto it. 

I’m a son, brother, husband, father and above all I’m a human being, which have feelings. And I won’t let my self to be Abandoned. I will cry. I will cry as hell, so that you can see the pain in me. So, don’t judge me because I’m crying that doesn’t mean that I’m weak. Though I’m strong enough to deal any situation. 


This is the story of frustration to defeat. A man who cries. We all have heart, when something goes wrong we all feel dishearten. 

Then why our society is questioning over ‘men crying’. If women cry on something, we feel sorry. But on the same side, if men cry, then we started judging them. Why? 

The message through this is “Ask what happened if you see someone’s crying. It doesn’t matter either it is man or a woman”.

If someone’s hurt, he/she will Melt Down. Help them. Ask them. 

26 thoughts on “Why I cannot cry? 

  1. very nice post…it’s nothing wrong if u are man and you are crying…it will not make you less manly…when a baby is born,(male or female whoever) he or she is born crying…that time there is no difference…when we grow up ppl divide work as well as emotions according to male and female..men are strong.they don’t cry women are sensitive ,they cry….i find it absurd…all r strong at times and sensitive at times.gender do not matter..all r equal

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