Hey, It’s okay! 

It’s okay, if you’re not blessed with perfect body. If you’re not as beautiful as they define beauty. It’s totally okay if you’re not taller then them. You’re not as educated as they are. You’re not fairer then them. It’s okay you got scars all over your body. It’s okay your interest lies in the same gender. It’s okay to be odd. 
Yeah! It’s okay to be okay. It’s utterly okay to be not like them. It’s okay to be different. It’s okay to be YOU. 

What if everyone has perfect figure? Then, whom they can make fun of? You’re “Centre of Attraction for them”, always keep this in mind.

What if everyone’s blessed with dark skin? Then no one will be proud of anything. There will be no bullies I guess. 
What if everyone’s get equal education? Then no one will going to laugh on anyone due to improper spoken! 
What if, we all got that we don’t have or we’re crying for? Then we’ll all become PERFECT. 
And perfect would be boring!

Why would be perfect when you would slay with flaws! 

If anyone ask you to be bit smarter, do not shut down yourself. Tell them, “can I be lil more flawed? Because I hate to fake”. 

You know you’re beautiful. Be confident about what you’re doing. Be thankful what you have. You know who you are. Don’t believe them. They’re from old school. For them education matters but it doesn’t matter that, education is knowledgeable or not. 
Perfection doesn’t describe you. Perfect body, perfect skin and perfect education is baseless unless you’re not happy. 

For them, baseless is worthy. 

Y’know it doesn’t matter that they’ll accept you the way you’re. But the question is.. Will you accept you the way you’re? 

You’re the new definition of beauty! 
Be Flawed. Be You. 


                                         -Sinister (Surbhi khanna)

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