A tad conversation! 

“Hey” I greeted.

“Oh, hi!” She greeted as well.

“So? How have you been?” 

                   Sensed, something’s wrong 

                 Long pause remain for a while.

“So, what’s the time?” I asked .

“Uh! It’s 10:30 in the morning” she replied. 

“Ugh! No” . 

“What? You’re asking for it. Right?” 

“Well, I’m asking for the time, you’re facing right now.” 

“Wa…What are you saying?” 

“Nah! Your face itself saying it all, sweetheart.” 

“Ah! No, there is nothing.” 

“I wish it would. But it’s okay.”

“Ah! Yes, you’re right. Actually, I’m in trouble. Things are not according to me. I’m wandering for self esteem. I don’t know how to handle this mess.”

“Well, life’s happening my friend” evidently replied.

“Why me? I mean, I can’t see any one facing the same problem which I’m facing right now. Why God chose me for this mess? If this is what life to be called, then I wanna get rid of it” in her downhearted voice. 

“We’re human. It’s very obvious that we think about us first. As you said, why only you? There are not only you. The people you know or the people you don’t know. They all are facing their own problems. They all dealing with their life. Sometimes, there are happiness around you and the very next moment there are bunch of sorrows & miseries. That’s what life to be called. You need to balance it.” 
I was trying to make her understand. 
“Oh really? Is that so? Dear, let me tell you . It’s very easy to advise someone on something. But you don’t know how that person feels at that moment. So don’t be a godmother” she angrily conquered. 

“Aye! I’m not being a godmother to anyone. As per of your point of view, it’s very easy to advise someone without knowing what that person actually feels about. Right? So, just tell me one thing, why are you telling it to other? I mean if the other person doesn’t understand you, then what’s the point of sharing your problems or else you’re sharing with the wrong one.” I questioned on her 

“Ah! This is manipulative.” She awkwardly replied. 

“No. I’m questioning you. See, I know there are certain point in life, where you feel like, you’re in the hell and sometimes even worse. But that’s the only point where you can rise. Because only at the down moments you can make wise decisions. But there are chances of taking wrong decision tho. So, don’t let yourself to become a victim. If you’re going down, then there should be a way up.” 
She was looking at me. Thinking something. I didn’t know, what was in her mind. She remained pause for a long . Then she asked, 
“Is there any way to escape?” 
“No dear, there is no escapism. You are the master of your destiny. Don’t let your destiny to be ridiculous. And from what you’ll escape? Your problems still going to follow you until you face them wisely” I simply answered. 
“I guess, you’re right.” 

“Still you’re guessing sweetheart?” 

“Oh no, I mean you’re definitely right. Thank you for bringing me in me back.” 

“I guess I’m the directioner for you.” 

                Now, she is on her way of life.

Don’t you wanna know who was she in this whole conversation? She was me. 

Confused ? Well, don’t be . There are always three souls in you. One who is horrified by the situation, the other who knows what’s right and what’s wrong and the last who takes the decision. 

So, I guess I have my own army who will save me. And help me to avoid bad souls interactions. 

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