Every time I see him, I can see a monster in him. He scares me. He torches me. Treats me like a Slav. He hurts me in a every way possible he can. It feels like he doesn’t love me anymore. Those scars which he imprinted on me, on my mind & in my soul, reminds me of him & his devilish behavior which he called it love. Why he named his harassments love? These scars will always be with me as long as I live. These scars letting me down. I’m losing my self. What should I do? Should I treat him in the same way? No, of course not. If I do the same, then he’ll be the victim and people will find me a culprit. Because people only believe what they see. And the worst part is they don’t even interested about why would that happened and what could be the reason behind? I don’t know why this is happening. I have lost my whole senses. He numbed my mind. I want to end my life. There is nothing to live for. 
Wait, What the hell I’m doing. I can’t do this to me. This can’t be it. I can’t be a Loser. And now, I am done. I’m not letting him to do more damages. I can’t live with that beast anymore. Yes, things going to be different now. Those scares will going to stay with me forever. People will going to judge me. But I am strong enough to deal with it. In last, I just wanna thank him, to make me realize that how strong I could be. Tho he is the reason behind. 

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