Unleash the beast! 

I have molested my thoughts, raped my mind and murdered my soul. I treated myself as worse as it’s possible. Wonder why? 
To stand up in “society”. To follow the crowd. To have double standards. To become what I never wanted to be . To become what society always wanted. 

I have cut down those Harivansh Rai Bachan’s lines – tobe aekla chalo re (Walk Alone) . 

Because as per society’s perspective. We shouldn’t have that Unique factor. Because ” Log kya kahenge ?”( what will people say?). 

So, dear society, let me tell you one thing. I have a beast in me. It’s locked in the dungeon. But now it is ready to come out. You provoke it.

And it will not follow your hypocritical rules. Because beasts don’t listen others. They just show how cruel & nasty they would be. Because I’m not considered to live my life on your rules!


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