I have Dark Side.

Last night, I was sitting in my room in the dark, as I usually do, thinking about the things. Questioning myself. Asking why me? And then suddenly some pale blazing light came into my face. “Umm.. Ah! Hey, who’s there?” I asked. 

“It’s me darling” the source replied. 

        I thought it was my boyfriend, then something hit my mind. ‘Hell, I don’t have any boyfriend.’ 

“Excuse me, do you have any name to be called?” I asked. 

“What would you like to?” It replied . 

        ‘Oh freak! An evil force? It might be a ghost. Maybe it is here for my soul. Lord! I don’t wanna die so early.’ 

Lots of idiotic & baseless things were fabricating into my mind. I was wondering what the heck was it? 

“Dude, are you an evil?” I asked. 

“Well, it depends” it replied. 

“Depends? On what?” .. 

         And suddenly that pale light disappeared. I was keep asking, ” Hello? Are you there? You dead? 

And suddenly something whispered.

“Hey beautiful, It depends on you who I am ? An evil or a good. It’s up to you . Wonder why? Because ‘I am You’ . I’m in You. I came out in dark for you. You know why? Because without dark there will be no light. I’m your Dark Side. Don’t afraid of me. If you do, then you’re getting afraid of own yourself. Miseries are part of life. Without them life would be aimless. Don’t think why only you are granted with miseries. Everyone’s dealing with their own lives. Well, sitting in the dark is not that bad until you are thinking about light. Remember one thing, I’m in you and I’ll come out when you’re in dark, because you don’t belong to be here.” 

         And then, it’s gone. I got up & switched on the lights. Stand in front of the Mirror & I smiled. 

Now I know, No one can shine without dark. 


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