Another You!

Shh… Will you just.. Oh my.. Fine ! 

So, this is something I always wanted to write. People gonna wonder what was in the beginning. Well, my thoughts were deliberately trying to pouring out. 

It’s finally happening. Another journey is about to start. I always thought that I would never be a blogger. Well #EItsAllInMind thing. Mind’s highly powerful. It’s like a sword. I never knew this much about myself. I’m not different from you. Just like you, my imaginations won’t let me sleep at night . In the middle of  some serious talks , I laugh for no reason. In childhood, after  watching horror movies, I always covered myself with quilt from toe to head so that when ghost came he couldn’t even find me and always needed a company to go to washroom. Imagining myself with the heroic leading character, “oh yea! I will save the world”. And the best is, always give advices to others on which I never had any experience. Though I’m a good adviser. I’m just like you. This is me and I’m just “Another You”. I can relate myself with you and expecting the same. Although, we all are different from each other in different ways but we have something common with in. 

Thought writing is just another art in me. Hope you will like it. If any stuff will offend you, basic rule is- “forgive it & forget it”. 

Reviews are precious & Tips are required! 


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